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What Is A Tax Consultant?

Transfer pricing has become the most significant tax challenge global businesses face. Minimize risk and tax dollars paid by letting us ensure that your intercompany transactions are structured correctly through a transfer pricing benchmark or study. Our Global Business Networks professionals fully understand the myriad challenges you face when executing an international growth strategy. RGP is a global consulting firm helping some of the most recognized companies in the world work...

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Expat Tax Preparation Services

At Grant Thornton, we work with you to understand your needs then implement custom solutions to help manage your business across jurisdictions. Combining our extensive technical tax knowledge with the latest technology, our professionals can work with you to develop your international tax strategy from ideation to implementation. Keeping the focus on key stakeholder outcomes and operational efficiencies, our collaboration helps to secure your tax position globally. Systems that allow a tax...

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Foreign Assets Disclosure In Spain For Resident Tax Payers

The purpose of the FBAR is to ensure compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act. It's not part of your tax return and is therefore not considered to be confidential tax return information. Part II is for other types of financial assets, such as stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. Foreign financial assets are measured using their fair market value in the currency in which the asset is denominated. Taxpayers have to know the highest fair market value for that asset at any time during the...

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