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Fatca Filing Services

If your tax home is in a foreign country, you meet one of the presence abroad tests described next, and no exception applies, file Form 8938 with your income tax return if you satisfy the reporting threshold discussed next that applies to you. Specified foreign financial assets held outside of an account with a financial institution are reported on Form 8938, but not reported on the FBAR. The HIRE Act also contained legislation requiring U.S. persons to report, depending on the value, their...

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Global Taxation & Accounting Service Inc

At Global Tax Solutions, our friendly and experienced tax professionals are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality tax preparation services with 100% mathematical accuracy. There are not enough adjectives to describe how wonderful Global Tax is. Your support, expertise and attention to every detail concerning my Company’s financial health plays a major role in our business operations. Not only have the tax filings been timely and prepared in an accurate and excellent manner, but...

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Foreign Assets Disclosure In Spain For Resident Tax Payers

The purpose of the FBAR is to ensure compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act. It's not part of your tax return and is therefore not considered to be confidential tax return information. Part II is for other types of financial assets, such as stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. Foreign financial assets are measured using their fair market value in the currency in which the asset is denominated. Taxpayers have to know the highest fair market value for that asset at any time during the...

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Atlanta International Tax Consulting & Irs Dispute Resolution Services

Our New York City expatriate tax advisors provide a range of expat and foreign national tax planning and compliance services designed to help international employees reduce taxes, comply with tax filing requirements and avoid penalties and audits. FJV is a Boston, MA CPA firm with over 25 years of experience in providing high-quality tax, accounting, and consulting services for U.S. and international businesses. Our expertise ranges from start-ups to small businesses to publicly traded Fortune...

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