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The Form 8938

Although, non resident alien tax rate - https://cacophonyfarm.com/index.php/International_Tax_Services both forms are used to report the foreign financial accounts, there are significant differences. Specifically, the types of financial accounts vary as well as the filing thresholds. Since we receive the large number of inquires, we decided to prepare the summary and clarify the differences between the FBAR form 114 and Form 8938. The IRS and Department of Treasury have undertaken multiple...

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What Is A Tax Consultant?

Transfer pricing has become the most significant tax challenge global businesses face. Minimize risk and tax dollars paid by letting us ensure that your intercompany transactions are structured correctly through a transfer pricing benchmark or study. Our Global Business Networks professionals fully understand the myriad challenges you face when executing an international growth strategy. RGP is a global consulting firm helping some of the most recognized companies in the world work...

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International Tax Expert Jobs, Employment

The organization or reorganization of portions of a multinational enterprise often gives rise to events that, absent rules to the contrary, may be taxable in a particular system. Most systems contain rules preventing recognition of income or loss from certain types of such events. In the simplest form, contribution of business assets to a subsidiary enterprise may, in certain circumstances, be treated as a nontaxable event. Most jurisdictions provide that taxable income may be reduced by...

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International Taxes

For those companies that execute on well-designed business plans that take into account the tax consequences of redeploying intangible property, there are opportunities to significantly reduce your taxes and tax rates. On the other hand, for those companies that don’t understand the tax ramifications of their business strategies, the IRS will likely use any number of statutes available to extract exit taxes and penalties. In fact, many companies with intellectual property may inadvertently...

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