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Why And Where To Set Up A Foreign Trust For Asset Protection

These benefits for New Zealand resident persons are canvassed elsewhere in blogs and articles on this site, so we will not repeat the benefits of trusts for Kiwis in this discussion. If the value of your foreign trust account exceeds $10K, you will also be obligated to satisfy FATCA requirements by filing an FBAR , also referred to as Form TD F 90-22.1. This financial statement must reasonably reflect the trust's income under U.S. income tax principles. To the extent known, a description of...

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Us Tax Traps And Possible Solutions For The Non

For additional details, refer to When To File in the Filing Information chapter of Publication 519, U.S. If you are an individual who is not a U.S. citizen, you are defined in the Internal Revenue Code as an "alien" (IRC Sec. 7701). Because this term might conjure up negative images , practitioners tend to use the softer term "foreign national," or the less precise term "immigrant" to describe you. On this site, we generally stick with the legal term "alien" in order to describe the tax...

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International Taxation

Accru’s Sydney office, Accru Felsers, has a long history of providing international tax services to some of the largest companies in Europe. We monitor and prepare transfer pricing documentation for multinationals from Germany, China, Japan and Australia, with a successful record of our clients passing ATO Multinational Anti-Avoidance Law reviews. We also assist Australian businesses to take advantage of opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. See Accru Asia and our international insights...

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