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The Form 8938

Although, both forms are used to report the foreign financial accounts, there are significant differences. Specifically, the types of financial accounts vary as well as the filing thresholds. Since we receive the large number of inquires, we decided to prepare the summary and clarify the differences between the FBAR form 114 and Form 8938. The IRS and Department of Treasury have undertaken multiple steps lately to enforce the FATCA compliance among the US citizens and green card holders -...

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Foreign Trust

Unfortunately, the IRS's approach of late has been to issue a penalty notice to the taxpayer assessing the penalty and international tax primer Pdf - http://selectgroup.com.ec/zh-hant/selectgroup_green-limbo-2/ communicating that the taxpayer may assert reasonable cause to have the penalty abated. The problem with this approach is that the assessment causes the IRS collection personnel to commence penalty collection. The IRS typically is generous in granting a collection hold while the...

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International Taxes

For those companies that execute on well-designed business plans that take into account the tax consequences of redeploying intangible property, there are opportunities to significantly reduce your taxes and tax rates. On the other hand, for those companies that don’t understand the tax ramifications of their business strategies, the IRS will likely use any number of statutes available to extract exit taxes and penalties. In fact, many companies with intellectual property may inadvertently...

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