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Why And Where To Set Up A Foreign Trust For Asset Protection

These benefits for New Zealand resident persons are canvassed elsewhere in blogs and articles on this site, so we will not repeat the benefits of trusts for Kiwis in this discussion. If the value of your foreign trust account exceeds $10K, you will also be obligated to satisfy FATCA requirements by filing an FBAR , also referred to as Form TD F 90-22.1. This financial statement must reasonably reflect the trust's income under U.S. income tax principles. To the extent known, a description of...

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Foreign Trust

Unfortunately, the IRS's approach of late has been to issue a penalty notice to the taxpayer assessing the penalty and international tax primer Pdf - http://selectgroup.com.ec/zh-hant/selectgroup_green-limbo-2/ communicating that the taxpayer may assert reasonable cause to have the penalty abated. The problem with this approach is that the assessment causes the IRS collection personnel to commence penalty collection. The IRS typically is generous in granting a collection hold while the...

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